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Hon. Minister Mduduzi Matsebula Profile

The Minister of Health, Honourable Mduduzi Matsebula, spent over 17 years as a civil servant in the custom sector before branching into politics. Honourable Matsebula’s career began in 2001 when he joined the civil service as a Trainee Assistant Customs Officer. He quickly rose up the ranks within the sector, and became Assistant Customs Officer, serving in Import and Export at AGOA Matsapha and then at Sandlane Border Post.

In 2008, Minister Matsebula was moved to the customs head office where he worked on Reconciliation and Debt Collection. A year later, he moved to Post Clearance Audit within the head office. In January 2011, under the then Swaziland Revenue Authority, Honourable Matsebula switched to Lundzi Border Post where he held the role of Customs Officer. He was then promoted to Senior Customs Officer/Station Supervisor- Inland Container Depot Matsapha in 2015. He held that role until 2018 when he stood for national elections and was voted as Member of Parliament for Siphocosini Inkhundla. Honourable Matsebula won elections again in September 2023 before His Majesty King Mswati appointed him as Minister of Health on 13 November. Minister Matsebula holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Regent Business School (Honoris United Universities). He also holds a Diploma in Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting from Cambridge International College as well as a Diploma in Auditing and Taxation from the International College of Management. The Honourable Minister further holds an NVQ4 Accounting qualification from the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Working in Government is an opportunity to serve my country- Celiwe

24 October 2023

Celiwe Nsibande heads the nutrition department at Manzini Government Hospital (formerly the National TB Hospital) and aspires to inspire the next generation of dietitians in Eswatini. In this latest instalment of our civil servants’ blog, Celiwe shares about her role as a clinical dietitian working in Government.

Government Communications (GC): “When did you join the Civil Service?”

Celiwe Nsibande (CN): “I joined the civil service in June 2018, so I have been a civil servant for five years and four months now.”

GC: “What is your current job now and what does it entail?”

CN: “I am a Clinical Dietitian at Manzini Government Hospital (former National TB Hospital). I am head of the nutrition department there, and my responsibilities include administering medical nutrition therapy to critically ill patients and supporting the catering kitchen unit with the preparation of specialized diets. Medical nutrition therapy involves supporting patients nutritionally through the prescription of therapeutic feeds and provision of nutrition education and counselling. A specialised diet is one that provides therapeutic benefits for the management of disease conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and renal failure.”

GC: “So far, what would you say the biggest highlight/achievement of your Civil Service journey has been?”

CN: “My biggest highlight as a Clinical Dietitian has to be when I was assigned by the then deputy director of health services to give an interview on Eswatini TV, talking about the nutritional management of the coronavirus in 2020. I have also been fortunate to receive opportunities to work with various nutrition and public health stakeholders over the years, where I have contributed to the development of key national nutrition policies.”

GC: “What is the biggest project that you have been involved in working for Government?”

CN: “I have had the responsibility of providing clinical nutrition services to patients with complex disease conditions that are challenging to manage (drug-resistant TB, COVID-19 and currently cancer) over the past 5 plus years, so I consider my entire journey as a clinician as the biggest assignment I’ve undertaken.”

GC: “What do you love the most about working in Government?”

CN: “Definitely the number of leave days! I say this because opportunities for rest and recreation are important for a young professional like myself and longer leave days mean that I am able to strike a good work-life-balance. I do also love how being in civil service gives me an opportunity to serve my country in a way that I’m most passionate about.”

GC: “What do you love the most about your job and profession?”

CN: “What I love the most about my profession is that it is an underrepresented area of expertise, not only in Eswatini but within the black community, as well. Thus, being a dietitian gives me an opportunity to contribute to the strengthening of the country’s nutrition system. I also get to be a representation of a career that is not yet widely pursued by most, so I can only hope that my job serves to highlight the necessity of nutrition services as we strive to improve the health and well-being of emaSwati.”

GC: “What would you say are some of the challenges that come with your job?”

CN: “I’ve already mentioned that my profession is underrepresented in the country. As a result, I’d say the most challenging part of my job has been the inadequate support and financing of clinical nutrition services. This is a job that relies heavily on resources, and the long-term shortages of those resources almost renders one redundant in their role. Ultimately, one can only go so far in addressing fully the nutritional needs of patients.”

GC: “What lessons have you learnt working for Government?”

CN: “The biggest lesson I have learnt working for Government is that civil service is not about holding a particular position or office, it is about constantly learning how to be a better servant. I can accredit a lot of my growth to opening myself up to opportunities outside of my clinical role and working with different Government stakeholders within the public health space. As a result, I have been able to contribute to work that makes a difference beyond the facility I am attached at.”

GC: “What advice would you have for someone who wants to work for Government?

CN: “A piece of advice I would give to someone considering working for Government would be to start preparing early because Government hiring processes can be quite lengthy and challenging to navigate. Reach out to professionals in the civil service to find out more about the position you’re looking to apply for so to gain clarity of what will be required of you, and also get to understand the structure of the civil service sector. I started enquiring about available positions for my qualification whilst I was still in school. By the time I graduated, I had an understanding of the timeline and steps ahead I would need to go through. This helped me to stay prepared for whenever the Civil Service Commission would call me up for interviews or submission of required documents.”

GC: “What are your aspirations for the future in Government?”

CN: “I am quite passionate about healthcare, so my future aspiration is to be a health policy and management consultant to our Ministry of Health. I believe the country could benefit from the modernization of our healthcare system and better strategic organizational management. The best way to achieve this is through policies and processes that will provide guidance, consistency, accountability and efficiency within our healthcare system.”


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Ministry of Health



Invitation to Tender for the Supply and Delivery of

Dental Supplies

Tender Reference No 47 of 2022/2023

The Ministry of Health now invites sealed Tenders for the provision of Dental Supplies.

Tenders must be accompanied by an Original receipt for E300 (three hundred), which should be paid at Eswatini Revenue Office account number 451-2101-21990.Tenders must be enclosed in a sealed envelope

The Outer envelope must be marked as follows:

“The Secretary to the Tender Board

Treasury Building

P.O. Box 38


The Envelope must be clearly marked with the following words; “Ministry of Health, Tender No 47 of 2022/2023 for Supply and Delivery of Dental Supplies to the Dental department “Do not open before Friday the 15TH July , 2022, 9.00 am” 

Tenders must be delivered to the offices of Tender Board, Treasury Building, P. O. Box 38, Mbabane, Eswatini, by Friday the 15th July, 2022 and deposited in the Treasury Tender Box.

Tenders received in time by the latest date and time for submission will be opened at the Treasury Building at 9.00 am on Friday the 15th July, 2021. Late, telegraphic, electronic and faxed tenders will not be considered. Tenderers may attend the opening procedure.

The documents specified in the Instructions to Tenderers including a copy of a current and valid Manufacturer’s   Trading or Authorization Licence for local tenderers and foreign tenderers are required to forward the equivalent from their country of operation,  current original Tax Clearance Certificates for Government tender, copy of Trading Licence, Form J, Form C, Certificate of Incorporation, VAT Registration Certificate, a Police Clearance Certificate or an Affidavit providing that the tenderer or any of its directors or officers have not been convicted, Labour Compliance Certificate for (for national Tenders) or equivalent for foreign Tenderers, Eswatini National Provident Fund (ENPF) Employers Compliance Clearance Certification for (for national Tenderers) or equivalent for foreign tenderers and provide a signed tender securing declaration form

The Government does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Advert is also available at under Tenders.

There will be no pre-bid meeting.

For further information and collection of tender documents contact the Procurement Unit, at the Central Medical Stores, Plot 77, King Mswati 111 Avenue, Matsapha Industrial Estate, Matsapha, Eswatini.  Telephone No: 2518 1734/2518 1740/2518 1743. Send your request for a soft copy of the bidding document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






31 MARCH 2020

The Ministry of Health has received a total of 80 COVID-19 results, of which 65 were negative and 15 rejected because they did not meet case definition standards.

The country remains with nine confirmed COVID19 cases of which the index case has tested negative and has been discharged. 

The Ministry of Health wishes to emphasize the importance of cooperating with health advice especially on self-isolation. All those given this advice are expected to:

  • Stay alone in their rooms, away from the rest of the family.
  • Use a mask if they have flu and visitors should not be allowed into the patient’s room, until discharged.
  • Use dedicated linen and eating utensils for the patient and these items should be cleaned with soap and water after use and may be re-used instead of being discarded.
  • The patients is not expected to travel to societal gatherings and public places.

Further emphasis is made on the practice of regular hand wash with soap and water as well as covering mouth and nose using tissue when coughing or sneezing.

The Ministry of Health will remain vigilant, providing continuous updates to the nation on further developments.













USA, Lesotho

LiSwati, Manzini

Treated, Tested negative, Discharged






LiSwati, Hhohho

Uncomplicated illness, admitted, first follow up test negative and awaiting second follow up test





None, history of contact with visitors from China

LiSwati, Manzini

Uncomplicated illness, admitted, first follow up test negative and awaiting second follow up test





RSA – Gauteng Province


Uncomplicated illness, home care







Uncomplicated illness, home care





RSA – Gauteng Province

LiSwati, Hhohho

Uncomplicated illness, home care





RSA – Gauteng Province

LiSwati, Hhohho

Uncomplicated illness, admitted





RSA – KZN Province

LiSwati, Hhohho

Uncomplicated illness, admitted





RSA – KZN province

liSwati, Manzini

Uncomplicated illness, admitted

Lizzie Nkosi (Senator)

Minister of Health


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