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The Nation will appreciate the good rains that the country has been receiving over the past week. These rains are blowing the trumpet that signals the beginning of the ploughing season. We are grateful to God Almighty for giving us His blessings in the form of rainfall. Beyond allowing us to start ploughing, the rains have brought about a positive change in the vegetation and we are excited at the prospect of what promises to be a good season ahead. Livestock, especially cattle, goats and sheep will be well nourished upon grazing on the nutritious grass that is growing rapidly. Livestock producers are reminded to maintain reasonable stocks and practice rotational grazing to allow recovery of the pastures.

The Ministry of Agriculture is already geared up for the 2020/2021 farming season. Seasonal rainfall forecasts indicate that the country and the Southern Africa region as a whole will receive good rains that are expected to sustain our crops to give us optimum yields.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to strive to be self-sufficient. In essence, we have to consume what we produce. Our key message to farmers is that we encourage them to take advantage of every opportunity that is being presented to them and maximize the utilization of resources at their disposal to engage in agricultural production.

 This is the time for farmers to start serious preparations and get busy in their fields. We are saying “Phezu komkhono!!!”.

Farmers are encouraged to make use of the extension services at their disposal to be able to choose varieties that are suitable for their areas.


Input Subsidy and Tractor Hire Services

The Ministry is grateful to His Majesty’s Government for continuing to provide the input subsidy and the tractor hire services which have resulted in significant increases in yields over the past few seasons, especially in the Highveld and Moist Middleveld. In recognition of the shock that has been presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the charges remain unchanged. The National Maize Corporation (NMC), our parastatal that has been given the responsibility to run these interventions, has already made the necessary announcements for farmers to follow in order to benefit from these programmes. I have been assured by NMC that tractors are ready for the ploughing season and farmers can now redeem the tractor hours for which they have paid. Farmers are further implored to make payments in good time and adhere to the deadline, the 31st of October 2020, to avoid missing out on the subsidized inputs.

In conclusion, may I take this opportunity to wish farmers a fruitful ploughing season and remind them that the ministry is always at their service to provide technical advice and services that they may require as they engage in production. Our decentralized RDAs and training centres are ready to assist and farmers are encouraged to use digital platforms like WhatsApp for ease of communication and adherence to the COVID-19 regulations.

I thank you.





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