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Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen

It is my honour to be a witness of this all important partnership between His Majesty’s Government and the United Life Assurance company this morning.
I am particularly pleased to see the private sector partnering with Government to offer much needed services to our people across Eswatini. A thriving private sector remains at the centre of national development and is vital to the overall realization of economic growth and social stability. It plays a leading role in helping government conquer poverty and care for the needy members of our society.
Today’s event is historically a first for both our Constituencies and communities in the Kingdom, evidently showcasing the miles we can walk and conquer together as government and business in changing the lives of our people. It is a stark reflection of the generosity of a company that fully identifies itself with the communities which it serves and derives its existence and sustenance.
I wish to applaud United Life Assurance for the benevolence extended to our 59 Tinkhundla in the form of a funeral cover worth E5.9 million. It could not have come at a better time when a number of destitute citizens are struggling to bury their loved ones with the dignity they deserve.

It has been said that death is like a thief that creeps up unexpectedly and, in most times, without notice leaving a lot of families devastated and unable to make ends meet. It comes with the expense of having to provide a decent burial for a loved one which increases despair and unbearable pain to the bereaved.
In some instances, very young children are left with the burden of burying their parents or siblings, yet they have no source of income to afford it. This has been witnessed in child headed families following the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS. These children have to bear the pain of losing a breadwinner while facing the unenviable task of laying them to rest under trying circumstances.
It is for this reason that this ground breaking insurance cover, provided by the United Life Assurance company is most welcome as it serves to lift the weight of unexpected financial responsibility from the shoulders of our destitute members of society across all Constituencies.
We can all bear testimony of many instances when community members, including Members of Parliament have had to mobilise their own resources to help destitute families provide a dignified send off for their relatives. I take this opportunity to thank Emaswati for maintaining the spirit of unity and extending a helping hand to fellow citizens in times of need, especially during bereavement.
I am glad to learn that this insurance cover will be offered to 20 people from each of the 59 Constituencies, benefiting 1180 citizens across the country. Spread over 60 months, each person will be covered to the value of E5000.
This is a significant amount that surely lessens the load that comes with the unfortunate incident of a loved one’s passing.
I appeal to Community Leaders, Members of Parliament and Tinkhundla Councils to work in unity in identifying the most deserving recipients to ensure that this assistance is directed to the appropriate families in accordance with the terms and objectives of the partnership. The sustainability of this partnership depends on effective, timely and transparent distribution of the cover.
On behalf of His Majesty’s Government I once again take this opportunity to thank United Life Assurance for extending a helping hand to the needy and for agreeing to partner with Government in this project. The company has a strong and expansive social responsibility programme which has allowed it to impact more communities over the years. I have no doubt that by embracing communities, United Life Assurance will derive more value for their service and Emaswati will rally behind the company’s success.
We hope and pray that this partnership will be sustained and expanded for years to come giving it latitude to reach more people and benefit many more Emaswati. Similarly, we urge other companies to emulate this remarkable gesture by partnering with Government to bring services and assistance to our people throughout the country.
It gives me great pleasure to declare the Tinkhundla Funeral Insurance Cover officially launched.
Siyabonga. May God bless us all.


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