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Head Office

Telephone: (+268) 2404 2476/7/8

Fax: (+268) 2404 3357


BUCOPHO, the individual umphakatsi councillors, represent their respective chiefdoms at Inkhundla level. Their core responsibilities are:

  1. To be a development and service delivery link between the Inkhundla Committee and the Chiefdom
  2. To collaborate and work closely with Bandlancane in promoting Community Development Projects in the Chiefdom.
  3. To oversee the implementation of all community projects funded through grants or loans from National Government and compile reports for each project for submission to Inkhundla and Umphakatsi.
  4. To provide general assistance to members of the community to access facilities, funds and information which they may from time to time need from Inkhundla.

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