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In Engineering Planning, a team of soil suurveyors, Design Engineers and Construction Engineers visit the Constituencies following the schedule of the earth dam programme. The team would visit the Constituency and report about the schedule of the programme and the fact that the programme is now coming to that particular Constituency. Development counsellors then report the issue to their chiefdom. The elders of the community then choose and show the team the tentative sights to be developed. The team would analyse the sites according to the requirements for an earth dam. The Soil Surveyors would look for the availability of clay materials while the designers and contructors would pay attention to the terrain of the area. Once the sites are chosen, the community is instructed to clear the area for the surveys to begin. These surveys would lead to designs and then construction of the dam would follow. During the mobilization process, the communities are made aware of the fact that the equipment would be parked in an area close to the site to be constructed.

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