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The Swaziland Communications Commission is established by the Swaziland 1Communications Commission Act No. 10 of 2013. It commenced business on July 31, 2013.


General functions of the Commission

The general functions of the commission are to:

(a) Regulate and supervise the operation of electronic communications networks and the provision of electronic communications services in Swaziland, including the regulation of data protection in electronic communications.

(b) Regulate and supervise the provision of postal services and electronic commerce.

(c) Regulate and supervise the provision of radio and television broadcasting services and the content of those services.

(d) Promote the development of innovative, secure, modern and competitive communications infrastructure and the delivery of related services.

(e) Ensure freedom of provision of communications services and further ensure that those services are not limited, except when strictly necessary.

(f) Ensure a wide range and variety of communications services.

(g) Ensure that all communication services are provided in a manner that will best promote economic and social development.

(h) Ensure non-discrimination and equality of treatment in all matters under the remit of the commission.

(I) Promote efficient management and human resource development within the communications industry.

(j) Promote the interests of end-users and licensees as regards the quality of all communications services and equipment within the remit of the commission.

(k) Administer certain aspects of the Competition Act, 2007, as they relate to the sectors regulated by the commission; and

(l) Administer certain aspects of the Fair Trading Act, 2001, as they relate to the sectors regulated by the commission.

Acting CEO: Mr. Thulani Fakudze        

Postal Address:
Swaziland Communications Communication

Cnr. Gwamile and Msakato Street

P.O. Box 7811




Telephone Number: +268 2406 7000

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.sccom


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