The Department of Labour comprises of the following sections and units: Industrial Relations Unit, General Labour Inspection Unit, Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate, Statutory Bodies and International Affairs Unit and the Workmen's Compensation Unit. The overall responsibility of the Department of Labour is the development and administration of  labour market policy and labour law in conformity with international labour standards and the national Constitution.


  • To promote a harmonious industrial relations atmosphere in Swaziland.
  • To ensure that all laws relating to conditions of employment and the protection of employees in the workplace are observed
  • To ensure that all the labour laws of the country are in harmony with International Labour Standards and Conventions

The Department of Labour comprises of the following sections and units:
The duties and responsibilities of the Units are as follows:

Industrial Relations Unit 

  • Registration of Trade Unions and Employers organisation
  • Receiving Annual Returns and financial statements from employers and employees organisations
  • Registration of retrenchments, lay-offs and Short-time
  • Conduct tripartite training on Industrial Relations
  • Scrutinise Works Council Constitutions
  • Intervene before a dispute is reported
  • Conciliate on Labour disputes where request.

General Labour Inspectorate Unit

  • Educate, advice and counsel Employers and Workers on Labour laws and its application
  • Conduct routine, complaint and special labour inspections in all places of employment
  • Conduct follow up labour inspections

Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate Unit

  • Conduct regular Occupational Safety and Health inspections
  • Educate advice and Counsel Employers and Workers on Labour Laws and its application.
  • Conduct Boiler inspectionsConduct Pressure Vessel inspections
  • Conduct Hoists and Elevator Inspections
  • Issue Factory Permits
  • Issue Improvement Notices
  • Issue Prohibition Notices

Statutory Bodies and International Affairs Unit

  • Submit reports on Application of International Standards
  • Submission of International Labour Organisation’s instruments   to Competent Authorities
  • Answer ILO queries and questionnaires
  • Provide Secretarial duties to Wages Councils
  • Review wages and conditions of employment in all Wages Councils………….Click for Regulation of Wages
  • Provide Secretarial duties to the Labour Advisory Board and Social Dialogue committee.

Workmen’s Compensation Unit

  • Registration of all reported injuries on duty cases
  • Computation of Workmen’s Compensation
  • Secretariat of the Workmen Compensation and Pneumoconiosis     Medical Board
  • Locating dependants of deceased workmen
  • Resolving Workmen’s Compensation disputes
  • Educate people on the application of the Workmen Compensation Act.



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