The Department is responsible for ensuring that there is an improved labour supply and absorption. The Department is also designated to serve special aspects of employment which includes training Swazi citizens to be employable and productive; assist in skills development; avail information on labour statistics, establish and maintain a human resource plan, as well as ensuring the protection of citizens with sound employment policies.


The vision of the Department is to promote an enabling environment for employment promotion and sustainable development.


The department has seven (7) Units, namely Human Resource Planning and Development; Employment Statistics; Scholarship; Industrial and Vocational Training; Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Services; Training and Localisation; Measurement.

1. Vocational Training and Rehabilitation

The main purpose of the Unit is to evaluate the abilities of persons with disabilities and their attitudes towards work and train them in suitable vocational trades.

2. Scholarship Unit

The main purpose of the Unit is to improve the skills base of the country by providing tertiary education scholarships to deserving students.

3. Human Resource Planning and Development

Mandate of the Unit is to coordinate the implementation of the National Human Resource Development Planning programme whose aim is to ensure that the Kingdom of Swaziland has an adequate and relevant skills and competencies for achieving its vision of economic and human development. The main task of the department is to develop a Human Resource Profile of Swaziland and National Human Resources Policy

4. Employment Statistics Unit

The mandate of the Unit is to collect, collate, process, analyse and disseminate all labour related information.

It is also provides formal sector employment statistics by industry and collection of average earnings by industry, sectors and occupational skills

It is also undertakes Labour force Surveys

5 Training and Localisation Unit

The mandate of the Unit is to ensure the maximum utilization of local manpower resources and to formulate training plans in conjunction with industries so as to maximize employment.

It also facilitate and provide information in the process of granting work permits and also empowers Swazi’s to acquire relevant skills to assume managerial positions.

6. Industrial and Vocational Training unit

The mandate of the unit is to strenghten skills development in Swaziland and it currently operates two training schemes, trade testing and aprrenticeship.



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