Director: Mr. Mhambi Ndlangamandla (Acting Director)

Deputy Director: Happy  Nkhambule (Acting Deputy Director)


  • To uphold the provisions of International Legal bodies i.e. United Nation Convention on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (UNCRC) and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC).
  • Domesticate the provision of international Legal Instruments to ensure that legal instruments and Regulations reflect, support and protect the comprehensive needs and Rights of Children.
  • Evaluate and review all existing National Legal instruments governing the treatment of children to ensure compliance with International children treatment standards, provisions and practices.
  • Continuously Research, Develop, define & ensure compliance to National multi-sectoral children services standards for the comprehensive treatment of Children at all stages of their development in the country.
  • Monitor and Evaluate all National children, policies, plans & Programs and ensure that all stakeholders collaborate and contribute towards a National Children Development agenda.
  • Mobilize resources to comprehensively support all Agents and Implementers of Children Programs.
  • Design and coordinate the production of a Comprehensive segregated data using Information Technology (IMS) on all children, including the vulnerable groups.
  • Advocate for the development, protection and safeguarding of children development agenda national, regionally and internationally.

Documents (Downloadable)

  1. National Children’s Policy 2009
  2. Child Protection and Welfare Act 2012
  3. OVC and Youth SADAC Business plan 2016 – 2020
  4. National Plan of Action


Children’s Services Department

Address:                                            P. O. Box 5124


Telephone:                                         (+268) 2404 0260

                                                          (+268) 2404 0262

Fax Number:                                     (+268) 2404 0264


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