Gender and Families Unit:
•  Study on the Economic Status of Women
•  Translation and Printing of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development
•  Gender Responsive Budgeting
•  Universal Access for Women and Girls in Swaziland
•  Sixth Meeting of COMESA Technical Committee on Gender and the Fourth Meeting of Minister’s Responsible for Gender and Women’s Affairs

National Disaster Management Agency:
•  Provision of potable water
•  Food Aid Distribution
•  Distribution of Food Supply
•  Storm & Fire Disasters
•  Bushfire Contingency Plan
•  Swazi VAC
•  National Disaster Management Agency policy review
•  Development of the Information, Education, Communication and Training (IECT) Materials
•  Disaster Risk Assessment

Department of Social Welfare:
•  Counselling and Guidance Services
•  Services to Abused Persons
•  Payment of Old Age Grant
•  Umsizi Ex-servicemen
•  OVC Educational Grant
•  Child Welfare Grant (Beneficiaries)
•  Child Care and Protection Services
•  Sign Language Training
•  Assistive Devices

National Children’s Coordinating Unit:
•  Coordination of PsychoSocial Support Services to Children in difficult circumstances.
•  Coordination of the legal framework of Child Protection.
•  Coordination of Educational services for Teachers and other stakeholders.
•  Coordination of Children’s Health issues.

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