The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Unit in the ministry serves as the Secretariat of the SADC National Committee (SNC) comprising of Principal Secretaries in the Government ministries and the key stakeholder representatives in each year. The SADC Organisation is a regional community bloc comprising fifteen (15) member states namely Angola, Botswana, DR Cong, Lesotho,Madagascar, Malawi,Mauritius,Mozambique, Seychelles,South frica,Namibia,Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Article 5 of SADC treaty outilines the SADC objectives and they include amoungst others , poverty aleviation with the ultimate objectives to eradicate it ;Consolidation, defending and manitainind democracy, peace , security and stability : promoting self sustaining development based on collective self reliance , inter dependency of member states and achievments of complimentarity between national and regional strategies and programmes. the objective also include promotion and maximazation of productive employment and utilization of resources of the Region to achiev sustainable utilisation of natural resources and effective protection of environment as well as mainstreaming genger into community building.

  1. Concept Note
  2. Form 5
  3. Re- Allocation Form
  4. Revised Form 1 A
  5. Revised Form 2 A 2009
  6. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research Devision E-bulletin No. 19,Q3 2016
  7. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research Devision E-bulletin No. 19,Q3 2016
  8. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research Devision E-bulletin No. 17,Q1 2016
  9. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research Division E-Bulletin No.25, Q1 2018
  10. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research Division E-Bulletin No.26, Q2 2018
  11. Macroeconomic Analysis and Research Division E-Bulletin No.27, Q3 2018
  12. MEPD - EB1 - 2011Q4
  13. MEPD - EB2 - 2012Q1
  14. MEPD - EB3 - 2012Q2
  15. MEPD - EB4 - 2012Q3
  16. MEPD - EB5- 2012Q4
  17. MEPD - EB6 -  2013Q1
  18. MEPD - EB11 - 2014Q2
  19. MEPD - EB12 - 2014Q3
  20. MEPD - EB13 - 2014Q4
  21. MEPD - EB14 - 2015Q1
  22. MEPD - EB15 - 2015Q2
  23. MEPD - EB16 - 2015Q3&4
  24. MEPD - EB17 - 2016Q1
  25. MEPD - EB18 - 2016Q2
  26. MEPD - EB19 - 2016Q3
  27. MEPD - EB20 - 2016Q4
  28. MEPD - EB21 - 2017Q1
  29. MEPD - EB22 - 2017Q2
  30. MEPD - EB23 - 2017Q3
  31. MEPD - EB24 - 2017Q4
  32. Summary GDP Projections
  33. Economic Report Outlook for 2018-2021
  34. Economic Bulletin Quarter 4
  35. Economic Bulletin No. 29, Q1 2019
  36. MEPD-Macro Economic Bulletin No.30-Q2-2019
  37. MEPD EB28 2018 Q4 Final 
  38. MPED Summary GDP 2019
  39. MPED Economic Bulletin : issue no:13
  40. MPED Economic Bulletin : issue no:32
  41. MPED Economic Bulletin : issue no:33
  42. Economic Review Ooutlook 2020
  43. GDP Projections 2020-2023 Public
  44. The 2017 Population and Housing Census Volume 3
  45. Eswatini Medium Term GDP Forecast
  46. Company Survey Report 2021
  47. 2020 GDP Annual Report
  48. 2021 GDP Annual Report
  49. Eswatini-2021 Annual GDP
  50. Eswatini Gross Domestic Product Bulletin 2022
  51. 2023 Quarter 1Gross Domestic Product GDP
  52. Second Quarter GDP Bulletin 2023
  53. Eswatini Economic Review And Out Look 2022/23
  55. Eswatini Medium-Term Growth ForecasT September-2023
  56. Economic-Bulletin  2023 Q3 2023 Q3 
  57. Company Survey Report for 2022
  58. Eswatini Catastrophic Events 
  59.  2023 Quarter 3 Gross Domestic Product
  60. MICS Statistical Snapshot
  61. Annual Company Survey Report 2023
  62. Economic Bulletin 2023 Q4 Oct – Dec
  63. Ministry Of Economic Planning Annual Performance Report February 2023/24
  64. 2023 Q4 Gross Domestic Product
  65. Quarterly Economic Bulletin 2024 Q1 Jan-March
  66. Economic Review And Outlook FY 2023/2024

News & Events

The Ministry of economic planning and development was launching the statement of the quarterly national accounts.

IMG 1763

12 December 2018   From left is the Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Education Dr Sibongile Mtshali-Dlamini Hon. Lady Howard-Mabuza Minister of Education Her Excellency Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones The EU Ambassador Mr Siboniso Masilela The Under Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Planning and development representing the Hon. Minister Gina E.T (Dr)  at the Presentation of EU Procured equipment and teaching and learning materials for NCC


The Honourable Minister of Education Lady Howard-Mabuza, Her Excellency Esmealda Hernandez Aragones EU Amassador and The Under secretary at the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development Mr Siboniso Masilela Sharing a light moment during the presenntation of EU procured equipment and teaching and learning materials for NCC.

IMG 1684


Minister of Economic planning and development Dr.Thambo Gina delivering his speech at the Launch of the 2017 Annual CRVS Report

IMG 1678

IMG 1692

The Ministry of Economic Planning and Development and in collaboration with the Ministry of Home affairs and UNFPA launched the 2017 Annual Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Report. this report is a Compilation of reported births,deaths and their causes.

IMG 1679

Minister Dr T.G

Dr Thando Gina being sworn into office on the  6th of November 2018 as Honourable Minister for Economic Planning and Development accompanied by his daughter Nandi.

US welcomes Min

The Hourable Minister of Economic Planning and Development Dr. Thambo Gina Addressing the Ministry Administration As the Acting PS Mr Siboniso Masilela, Principal Planning Officer Winile Dlamini looks on.

US welcomes Minn


Heads of Departments at the Ministry Of Economic Planning and Development listening to the Minister's First address.


IMG 0545 Copy

Pannel Comprising of Minister Of Finance Honourable Neil Reikenburg, Minister of Economic Planning and develpment Honourable Dr Thambo Gina. Executive Director Africa 1 Constituency, Deputy Director Africa group and Representatives of the private sector and civil sociey. at the  The Regional Economic look : Theme Harnessing distrutions to shape Inclusive Economies of the Future. held at the Royal Swazi this morning.


IMG 0547

The Honorable Minister of Economic planning and development Dr. Thambo Gina Together with the Principal Sectretary Mr. Betrum Stewart after the Regional Economic out look.

IMG 0548

 IMG 0557

Minister of Economic planning and development Dr.Thambo Gina today paid a courtsey call to the European Union Embassador to Eswatini Her Excellency Ms. Esmeralda Hernandez Aragones EU has been a consistently significant development partner to eSwatini since independence, especially in terms of grant support..


IMG 0559

The Minister of Economic Planning and Development Dr. Thambo Gina Together the Principal Secretary of Economic Planning and Development Today paid a Courtesy call to the United Nations Headquaters.  UN staff L-R: Lars Tushuizen, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Khanyisile Mabuza, FAO Assistant Representative, Alberto Mendes, WFP Country Director, Alice Akunga, UNICEF Resident Representative, Lolo Mkhabela, Coordination Specialist, UN Resident Coordinator's Office, Zandile Simelane, UN Resident Coordinator's Office. 

IMG 0574

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