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To be the leading agency in creating a conducive environment that promotes the efficient and effective utilization, beneficiation and management of natural resources in the country in order to enhance sustainable socio-economic development.


To ensure the sustainable development, use and management of natural resources by providing adequate services in water, minerals, energy, surveying, mapping, conveyancing, registration of real rights in land and valuation; to the public and private sector in a transparent manner for the socio-economic benefit of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy (MNRE) as it strives to accomplish its mission and attain its long term vision, has put forth the following values as its guiding principles:-

•Integrity :
We are committed to zero tolerance to corruption. Our integrity will be displayed to our stakeholders.

In the spirit of continuous improvements, we will develop new improved products/services to our customers ever increasing and changing needs.

We will act professionally in all our dealings. We will recruit and develop well-trained work force in which job competence, performance and succession stability are the key objectives.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with relatively affordable quality products and services

We are committed to discharging itself responsibly in all its interactions with all its stakeholders. The MNRE is committed to avoid harming the environment in any foreseeable manner.

We are committed to delivering its shareholder performance requirements and always accept responsibility for its actions.

Our activities shall be open to scrutiny by all the relevant stakeholders and this shall not compromise confidentiality.

The MNRE has envisioned objective as drivers of its business to propel and foster the aforementioned vision and mission. The following strategic objectives are elucidated for the provision and management of resources for ensuring the optimal land use, mineral exploration, adequate water and energy to meet national aspirations:-

  • To set goals and strategies to facilitate the coordination and implementation of Government priorities as outlined in the NDS, PRSAP, MDGs and other national priorities within the Ministry’s portfolio.
  • To develop, review and operationalise relevant policies ensuring optimal utilization of natural resources.
  • To provide general management of land, minerals, water and energy resources.
  • To provide surveying, mapping, land and real rights registration and valuation services for Government and other public entities.
  • To provide facilities for ensuring access to sustainable energy and security of energy supply.
  • To ensure optimal development, management and supply of adequate water resources in a sustainable manner.
  • To explore and identify mineral targets with economic potential.
  • To ensure extraction and value addition to mineral resources for sustainable development and;
  • To develop relative policies, collect and maintain an up to-date database on land and natural resources.



Hon. HRH Prince Lonkhokhela

Principal Secretary: – Dorcas Dlamini - 2404 4062

Under Secretary Technical: Mr. Dumisani Mngomezulu - 2404 9359

Under Secretary Administration: Vacant -2404 0348



Dept of Energy

The Energy Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy is the custodian of policy and operational activities pertaining to the energy sector. Its mission is to effectively manage the national energy resources and to work...


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Property Valuation

The Valuation Section of The Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy undertakes the appraisal and valuation of government fixed assets which are mainly land and buildings on behalf of government departments for various purposes to read more......


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Land Administration

In terms of Section 10 of the Subdivision of Land Act, 1957 the Minister has power to decide appeals by any person whose application for subdivision of land has been refused by the Natural Resources Board. Thedecision of the minister shall be final....


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Surveyor General

To provide a high standard of advice to government departments and others on all surveying and mapping matters. To fulfil efficiently all statutory requirements to supervise and control surveys of land for registration purposes. To provide surveying.


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Dept of Water Affairs

The Department of Water Affairs is established according to the Water Act of 2003 as the secretariat to the National Water Authority. It comprises of three government sections within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy. These.


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Geological Survey

The Department has the following objectives: (i) Collect and collate all forms of geoscientific data. (ii) Dissemination of geoscientific information to interested parties. (iii) Monitoring and inspection of mineral exploration and exploitation....


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To convey rights in land in respect of transactions involving the Government, His Majesty the King and Ingwenyama in trust for the Swazi Nation by preparing deeds and documents for execution...


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Registrar of Deeds

The Deeds Registry for Swaziland, as established under Section 3 of the Deeds Registry Act No. 37/1968 was up to and until the 25th June, 1973 situated in Pretoria. At its establishment in Swaziland, all matter.


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minerals mines

Minerals & Mines Dept

The board is established in terms of Section 3 of the Natural Resources Act, 1951 to do certain functions related to conservation and improvement of natural resources. In addition to its functions under....


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