The Department’s mission is to facilitate sustainable and efficient development throughout the country through integrated planning direction and effecting development control parameters


  • To formulate appropriate policies on housing and human settlements;
  • To facilitate provision of housing through efficient physical planning, administration of urban land, and housing research;
  • To facilitate development control through preparations and approvals of town planning schemes;
  • To advise on building plans in controlled areas as stipulated in the Housing and Building Act, 1968;
  • To monitor/supervise SNHB activities;
  • To undertake research on housing and human settlements;
  • To develop strategies of improving the provision of housing and human settlements.

Department’s Main Responsibilities

The department is responsible for co-ordinating and facilitating urban development and provision of housing throughout the country, through effective physical planning, housing research and development and land administration, in co-ordination with all departments, legislative bodies and agencies dealing with physical planning and housing. 

Structure of the Department

Policies & Legislations used by the Department
•    The Housing Policy
•    The Physical Planning Policy
•    The Sectional Titles Act of 2003
•    The Human Settlements Authority Act of 1988
•    The Crown Lands Disposal Regulations of 2003.
•    Vesting of Land in Kings Order (1973).  
•    The Crown Lands Disposal Act of 1911.


Directorate: Mr. Bhekithemba Matsebula
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1832
Physical Address: Income Tax Building
Mhlambanyatsi Road
Fifth floor
Telephone: +268 2404 1742 +268 404 6043

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