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Minister Prince Simelane taking oath in the company of his wife Inkhosikati laMaphanga

Following the swearing in ceremony which marked the beginning of official cabinet business the Minister of Housing and Urban Development Prince Simelane has reminded employees of the ministry that their core mandate is to serve the nation.

Speaking during a meet and greet session with the members of staff on Friday, 9 November 2018, the Minister said it was important that all members of staff took of the submissions made by the nation during the Sibaya, People's Parliament because a government was for the people to serve the people. He said the submissions that were made at the Sibaya should serve as working guidelines for all because that is what the people wanted. "The people during Sibaya touched on a lot of ills that they thought held the country back including corruption, therefore we must all work towards eradicating corruption. Corruptions comes in different forms and it is everywhere, we must fight it as well as all other societal ills that the people touched on," he said.

The honourable minister also pointed out that he was new to the ministry and therefore he would heavily rely on the management and staff for guidance. "When my daughter called to tell me I had been announced as Minister of Housing and Urban Development, honestly I was shocked because I don't know much about the Ministry. Therefore, I will rely on the Principal Secretary for guidance. Actually all ministers are relying on Cabinet ministers. In all honesty I am here to serve, I will get direction from all of you because you have been here longer and you know which direction the Ministry must  take," he said. He further promised the staff  that he would address their grievances and challenges and also urged the PS to do extensive research on what other countries did under this portfolio so that the standard of the ministry can be elevated.

The Minister also emphasised time keeping in a quest to improve efficiency and promote professionalism.

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