Infrastructure and Equipment Unit (BIO MED)

The Biomedical Engineering unit is responsible for management and maintenance of medical and non-medical equipment and physical infrastructure maintenance/ rehabilitation of health facilities.

A .Achievements

v  Outreach schedule maintenance program (ongoing)

v  Medical and non medical equipment maintenance service contracts have been awarded for 2015/16. Servicing of medical and non medical equipment ( on going)

v  Securing a Consultant for the development of Inventory Management Software through the HIV / Aids and TB project. Work commenced in October, 2014.

v  Workshop (training) for Biomed staff on Inventory Management Software

v  Procurement of physical infrastructure maintenance materials and stores items (consumables) for health facilities

  1. Challenges

v  Training of maintenance technicians. Most of the Technicians have to go for External training on Clinical / Biomedical Engineering to meet the ever changing technology and complexity of medical devices, as government is focussing on strengthening the health sector.

v  Capacity (HR): Physical infrastructure maintenance team (Artisans) -There is a need to have a team of Artisans per region; this will meet the strategic objective to decentralize Biomedical Engineering Unit to all the regions.

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