The medical imaging department is responsible for ensuring that the radiology services meets the needs of its patient population, the clinical services offered, and the healthcare providers.  The strategic objective of the medical imaging service is then to strengthen the health facilities capacity to provide high quality, safe and efficient radiology services. In 2010/11 financial the medical imaging services have been able to make the following achievements:

•    Human Resources
Two (2) Diagnostic Radiographers were recruited one (1) at Sithobela and one (1) at Mbabane government Hospital and 7 Diagnostic Radiographers were promoted to Senior Radiographer posts. There are 4 Ultra-Sonographers recruited. There are now two (2) Ultra-Sonographers at Mbabane Government Hospital, one (1) at Mankayane Hospital, one (1) at TB Hospital, One (1) at Hlathikhulu Hospital ( now at Matsanjeni Health centre need. Three (3) officers were still in recruitment process

•    Consumables
Government bought the following consumables 20 Cassettes of different sizes, 10 Gridded cassettes, 25 Lead aprons, 2 ID marker, 5 Anatomical markers L and R, 15 Lead gloves, 2 Gonad shield, 25 Thyroid shield, 7 Sensitometer, 7 Densitometer, 7 Step-wedge, 5 Thermometers, 17 Lead strip and 5 Sticker labels. The above mentioned consumables are being distributed to the various health facilities. There has been limited work interruption experienced due to shortage of consumables.

•    Quality Improvement Programme
Radiation protection devices have been procured and are being distributed to the various government facilities. A Radiation Safety manual has been drafted need to be approved.

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