Entomology refers to the study of insects. However, in this section, we concentrate on the ones that attack our crops as they affect the farmer’s harvest drastically.  This section of the research division provides:

a) Practical methods of controlling insect pests of all major crops in the country using chemical and cultural practices.
b) Evaluates new insectide formulations
c) Catalogues of all major insect pests in order to establish the national insect pests collection
d) Conducting of plant inspection for phtytosanitary purposes.  

Who can apply for the service

• Citizens

How to apply for the service

• The Agricultural Research Division works through the Extension department.
• As soon as the Research Division has a new innovation it consults with the Extension department who will then formulate ways to reach the people in the communities.
• The Extension Department will call meetings and disperse the innovation to the community members.

Where and How to apply for the service

• The person interested in the innovation must always be in touch with the Extension Officer in his/her community.

How much for the service

 Currently it is free








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