Horticulture is the science of plant cultivation including the process of soil preparation for the planting of seed, tubers and or cuttings. This section of Malkerns Research Centre deals with developing innovative and effective management technologies for all horticultural crops (indigenous and exotic trees and vegetables; ornamentals and mushrooms) in response to farmers’ needs in all the ecological zones of Swaziland. The section is also involved in the training of both farmers and extension staff on improved agronomic aspects to ensure the availability of quality produce throughout the year. The promotion of fruit and vegetable production contributes to food security in the country, and enhancing farm income and improve nutritional status.

Who can apply for the service

• Citizens

How to apply for the service

• The Agricultural Research Division works through the Extension department.
• As soon as the Research Division has a new innovation it consults with the Extension department who will then formulate ways to reach the people in the communities.
• The Extension Department will call meetings and disperse the innovation to the community members.

Where and How to apply for the service

• The person interested in the innovation must always be in touch with the Extension Officer in his/her community.

How much for the service

 Currently it is free



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