The National Curriculum Centre was established in 1983 as a result of a merger between the Primary Curriculum Unit based in Manzini and the Secondary Curriculum unit which was based at Matsapha. The main purpose of its establishment was to “evaluate, design, prepare and co-ordinate the curricula for educational institutions … (Ed Act 1981 pg S11).


The National Curriculum Centre aspires to be a leading research and curriculum development institution while turning into reality the nation’s educational goals and aspirations.


To continuously improve the service delivery while working with all stakeholders in producing relevant, high quality, accessible and affordable curriculum & instructional materials as well as in serving as a resource in curriculum matters.


•    Long Term Objective

To design, prepare, coordinate and evaluate the curricula for educational institutions

•    Short Term Objectives

•    To design and develop a curriculum that adequately reflects the national  development goals of Swaziland
•    To design, produce and procure relevant and high quality instructional materials in line with the national education goals
•     To train and provide support  to stakeholders on new curricular and instructional materials
•    To coordinate all curriculum development activities
•    To evaluate at all stages of curriculum development
c) Path

•    Conduct research and disseminate information
•    Interpret and translate education development goals/policy
•    Prepare curriculum guidelines.
•    Build capacity through staff development and training
•    Evaluate educational programmes
•    Network with educational organizations/institutions
•    Print educational materials
•    Procure resources

•    Develop instructional curriculum materials for:
•    Preschool
•    Primary school level
•    Secondary school level
•    Pilot test instructional materials and examinations
•    Evaluate instructional curriculum materials
•    Assess student performance


•    Providing a book to a learner per subject at primary level
•    Production of affordable, relevant textbooks
•    Textbooks  easily accessible through the rental system
•    Pilot-tested materials and exams
•    Continuous Assessment
•    Pre-vocational Studies
•    Practical Arts
•    Physical Education & Sports
•    Expertise & leadership in curriculum development activities
•    Integration of emerging issues
•    A conference on curriculum focusing on Free Education


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