Food science is the study concerned with all the technical aspects of food, from harvesting it from the field to the time when it reaches the final consumer. Food science draws many disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering in an attempt to better understand the food processes and improve food products for the general population. This section of the agricultural research division seeks to:
• To conduct nutrient analysis on food products
• Develop food products and recipes through food processing, preparation and preservation.
• Conduct sensory evaluation or organo-leptic tests to ensure that food products and preparation methods are accepted by consumers.

Who can apply for the service

• Citizens

How to apply for the service

• The Agricultural Research Division works through the Extension department.
• As soon as the Research Division has a new innovation it consults with the Extension department who will then formulate ways to reach the people in the communities.
• The Extension Department will call meetings and disperse the innovation to the community members.

Where and How to apply for the service

• The person interested in the innovation must always be in touch with the Extension Officer in his/her community.

How much for the service

 Currently it is free

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