The Extension Services within the Department of Agriculture and Extension is tasked with the following responsibilities and duties:-
• To equip farmers with relevant skills to ensure increased agricultural production and productivity, and improve the living standards of households in the rural and Peri-urban areas of the country.
• To enable the country increase food production and access to nutritious and sfate food products for food security and improving nutritional status of the Swazi nation.
• To facilitate in the establishment of Agriculture-based industries and businesses in order to help boost of Rural Farm Income and employment creation in the rural and peri-urban areas of the country.
• To facilitate or help farmers achieve an increase in production and improved  quality of farm produce to meet demands for export  thus facilitating foreign exchange earning for the country.
• To improve Socio- Economic Status of Families in the Region.
• To mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS through Food Security.


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