The Seed Quality Control Services is a Section within the Ministry of Agriculture that is located at the Malkerns Research Station.


whose responsibility is to ensure availability of good quality seed of locally adaptable improved varieties so as to improve crop production.

Legal implication:

In terms of the “Seeds and Plant Varieties Act No.7 of 2000”, the Seed Quality Control Services is the designated and official seed testing station in the country. Its operational guidelines are outlined in the “Seeds and plant Varieties Regulations of 2002”. The Act provides a guide for the quality and type of seeds that can be marketed and used by farmers as a means to protect all stakeholders taking part in the seed trade. The Act provides for the following:-
• The recognition of certain varieties of plants;
• Establishments of certification schemes for maintaining the quality of certain varieties;
• Establishment of an official seed testing station;
• Registration of establishments where seeds for the purposes of sowing may be cleaned and packaged or offered for sale;
• Conditions under which seed may be sold;
• Requirements relating to seed, packaging material, seals and labels; and
• The control of importation and exportation of seeds.

The purpose of the Act therefore translates to the mandate of the Section. In pursuing its mandate, the Section is involved in various activities throughout the whole seed industry, including the under listed:
• High genetic and analytical (physical) purity;
• High germination capacity;
• Freedom from seed borne diseases and noxious weeds; and
• High level of uniformity.

Services provided:

• Purity inspection on beans, cowpeas, mung beans and insambansamba seeds;
• Purity inspections on OPV seed maize;
• Cob-cleaning inspections on OPV and hybrid seed maize ;
• Purity inspections on maize hybrids;
• Detasselling inspections on maize hybrids;
• Pollinator removal inspections on hybrid maize;
• Spot-on inspections at all seed outlets;
• Machinery inspections at the seed processing plants;
• Seed testing on all submitted crops to the laboratory;
• Attend field days and seminars;
• Seed sampling at all seed outlets; and
• Media messages


Christopher M. Mthethwa
Seed Quality Control Services
P. O.Box 4
 Tel: 25274072
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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