The Plant Protection unit is mandated with promoting the utilization of environmental-friendly chemical and non-chemical control methods to manage pest situations throughout the country and provision of technical support in the form of inspection services to the Citrus Estates at Ngonini, Tambuti, and Swazican Citrus Estates. 

The main purpose of the citrus inspection exercise is to determine “CITRUS BLACK SPOT” infection, a fungal disease that is detrimental to the citrus industry internationally and provide phyto-sanitary services to the citrus industry and agriculture product exporting entities in the country. The section is also responsible for the supervision and management of the obsolete pesticide stockpile kept at Kalanga R.DA with the financial and technical support by United Nations Environment Programme and African Stockpile Pesticides Disposal Programme for repacking, improvement of the storage site, transportation and disposal of those pesticides.

Services Provided

• Phyto-Sanitory services  to importers and exporters of plants and plant products 
• Fruit and Phyto-sanitory inspection of the citrus fruits for export
• Technical support in terms of how to control and manage pests of economical importance  to agriculture in Swaziland .
• Technical backstopping of Extension Personnel and Farmers in terms of up to date pest management techniques.
• Implementation of the obsolete  chemicals and pesticides project in Swaziland 


Boniface Dumisa Makhubu
Crop Promotion Unit
P.O. Box 501

Tel: 25052051


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