Services offered by the unit are:


1. Gather, analyse and disseminate information on crop production and crop marketing

2. Provide advice on marketing and food supply policies e.g. minimum maize prices as advised by the NMC and licences (Milling licences, agro         processing, mushroom hunting

3. Establish, coordinate and maintain a crop marketing information system

4. Provide advice on appropriate commodity support mechanism and means for regulating trade in agricultural markets

5. Take lead and advise on international and regional agricultural trade issues pertaining to SACU, WTO


Special arrangements have been put in place through the establishment of Parastatal bodies as follows: Cereals; NMC , Vegetables;NAMBoard, MILK; Dairy Board linking farmers to Parmalat, Beef; Swaziland Meat Industries , Cotton Board, linking farmers to farmer owned cotton ginnery, Sugarcane; Private Sugar Processing Mills. These Parastatals are managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and have their own production and Marketing extension services.


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