This section is headed by the Senior Veterinary Officer (VPH) who is based at Manzini Veterinary Offices. The mandate of this section is to guarantee that the consumer is supplied with safe and wholesome food of animal origin (food safety) by ensuring that food of animal origin is produced, handled and processed in accordance with sanitary standards from the place of primary production up to and including placement on the market. This includes enforcing and monitoring compliance to set standards at primary production and at processing establishments , as well as with regards import/export of food of animal origin.

 Major activities under Veterinary Public Health include the following;

    • Meat inspection
    • Inspection of imports of food of animal origin
    • Residue testing in both beef and poultry meat
    • Registration and inspection of abattoirs
    • Inspection of animal feed mills
    • Issuance of import permits and export certification of products of animal origin.

For further information on the above activities and services contact the following:

Manzini Veterinary Offices:
Senior Veterinary Officer (Veterinary Public Health)
Ministry of Agriculture
P.O.Box 4192
Tel: 2505 4183


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