Epidemiology is considered as the basic science of public health. It is defined as the study of how sicknesses apread across a population. It encompasses investigation, analyzing and prevention or control of a sickness across a population. The Veterinary Epidemiology Unit (VEU) is headed by the Senior Veterinary Epidemiologist. It has the responsibility to manage the Animal Health Information System, back up policy and strategy development as well as assess and manage disease risk. The Unit is also responsible for collection, collation and analysis of data and generation and dissemination of epidemiological information for early warning and for fulfilling the country’s reporting obligation to International and Regional communities.

Major activities under the Veterinary Epidemiology Unit include the following;

   • Reporting on animal health activities
   • Maintenance of a database on animal diseases
   • Maintenance of a National Livestock Identification and computerized Traceability System integrated with an Animal Health Information System
   • Disease investigation and risk mitigation

For further information on activities and services offered by the VEU contact the following:

Headquarters: Senior Veterinary Epidemiologist
Ministry of Agriculture
P.O.Box 162
Tel: 2404 2731/9 or 2404 6362

Manzini Veterinary Office
Veterinary Epidemiologist
P.O. Box 4192
Tel: 2505 6443
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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