The Minister of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Senator Winnie K Magagula, said the commencement of the Bio - Technology Park was a dream come true for the country. This was during the presentation ceremony at the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan on May 3, 2012.

The Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan, Peter Tsai, presented a cheque of E 1 579 760 million to the Minister of ICT. The Ambassador said this donation would go towards the refurbishment of the Bio –Technology Park into a site office. He added that this project would ease the burden on government spending a lot of money in future because there would be no need to construct temporary offices. He noted that the refurbished building would also serve as the initial administration office once the project has been completed. The Ambassador said he was pleased that this project would benefit all Swazis once completed. “This shows that the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan is Swaziland’s number one development partner, which is committed to the long term development of the Kingdom”, he said.

The Minister of ICT thanked the Government of the Republic of China on Taiwan for the continued funding in this project.  She added that Swaziland was grateful for the relations it had with ROC (Taiwan), and this was recently cemented by the recent visit to the Kingdom by His Excellency President Ma. “With the assistance of your country, we have achieved a lot in a short space of time in our strategy for the Royal Science and Technology Park,” the Minister noted. Also present at the event was Minister of Economic Planning and Development Prince Hlangusemphi.

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