Before the King addressed the Nation, the National Secretary Nhlanhla Dlamini summarized the week’s submissions by various speakers..

  • Circular No. of 2010 had been a topical issue. The Nation had called for its removal
  • State funds must not be misused by those in power. Anyone found guilty of misusing state finds/ corruption should be punished in equal measure to the crime
  • The youth should be encouraged to participate in economic development
  • Sign Language and Vocational Subjects should be incorporated into the mainstream school syllabus
  • Scholarships should be available to all Swazi students who need it. Those who owe should pay back and an independent Scholarship Fund should be established
  • Decentralization must reach all Tinkhundla
  • The closure of Saapi affected many Swazis who currently have no means of income generation
  • Extension Officers should be added in the Ministry of Agriculture so that they service all the Tinkhundla
  • Agriculture is the best way to economic recovery and should be encouraged.
  • Idle farms should be used for farming
  • Retirement age in the civil service should be reduced so that the youth is absorbed into the civil service
  • Sitting Allowances should be scrapped if those that are entitled to them get salaries
  • Tourism should be promoted for economic recovery
  • New Businesses should be exempt from paying rent so that the owners can pay employees better salaries
  • The National budget should be brought to Sibaya for deliberation
  • There is too much corruption in the recruitment of  personnel in the armed forces

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