The Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) continues to sensitize the public about the imminent digital migration process. This was evident recently when the Principal Secretary Mr. Sikelela Dlamini and his team, honoured an invitation from the University of Swaziland’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication headed by Dr. Maxwell Mthembu under the Faculty of Humanities. Dr. Mthembu stated that his Department was keen to know more about Digital Migration in order to equip students with new technologies and innovations through the Ministry of ICT.

Speaking to Faculty members and students, the Principal Secretary stated that the Digital Terrestrial Transmission expected to kick off in June this year would provide job opportunities for locals as there would be more television channels available to broadcast local content. He added that there was no need to panic because Swaziland was on track and had already started testing the set-top boxes. To prove that the Ministry was hard at work, Mr. Dlamini presented the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication with a brand new set top-box which Dr. Mthembu received on behalf of his Department.

Mr. Stan Motsa who is the Director of Communication in the Ministry also gave a brief about the origins of the Digital Migration process stating that in 2006 it was a collective agreement by all countries who were members of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to switch from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting. Mr. Motsa added that the roll-out of the digital network country wide was already at an advance stage.

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