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Planning and analysis provides a framework for thorough understanding of the country’s energy system, crosscutting links and development alternatives. Proper analyses also lay a sound basis for routing energy sector investments and for selecting appropriate technologies required in order to accomplish energy sector objectives. The establishment and maintenance of appropriate planning models is necessary in order to make simple assessments of the viability of potential projects and to ensure rational planning for the future.

The Energy Department currently uses the REPN model developed to compile standardised Energy Balances for the SADC region. The structure of the standardised Energy Balance complies with the requirements of the International Energy Agency (IEA) format for Energy Balances. This model will enhance regional co-operation in the energy sector and make access to the database for all the SADC countries easy.

This tool also stores time series data that could be used in energy forecasting; the tool itself cannot be used for forecasting at the moment, which implies that another tool would have to be employed to carry out additional requirements.

In the short term Government will ensure that adequate means for collection of statistical data are available.  It is also envisages that other model like the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system will be used to calculate energy balances as well as emissions from the Energy sector. It will also allow for mitigation scenarios to be developed to guide policy making in the mitigation of climate change.

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