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Two Water Control Officers and two Water Bailiffs man the Water Control section.  The area of focus of this section is efficiency, sustainability and equity of water utilisation in the country. 

The mandate of this section is based on the understanding that water quality and quantity are interlinked and quality refers to water usable for a specific purpose. Hence water resources management emphasizes on use and reuse in sequence of municipal, industrial and agricultural operations, such that each operation can best tolerate the effects of preceding operations.  Activities of this section include
o Control of the quantity of water abstracted for use by irrigated agriculture, industry and primary purpose;
o Carrying out of water use surveys;
o Be technical advisor, secretary and executive officer to the Water Apportionment Board;
o Compile budgets and maintain water use registry;
o Control the quality of effluent resulting from the use of water by industry and other users;
o Control and monitor water pollution;
o Plan and evaluate monitoring programmes for water pollution control by the Water Resources Laboratory;
o Initiate such prosecutions for the contravention of Water Law or regulations as may be necessary;
o Advise water users on methods and importance of conserving water; and
o Periodic review of the water balance in the country's rivers.


Directorate: Mr. Makhosini Khoza
Postal Address: P.O. Box 6201
Physical Address: Millers Mansion Building
Mdada st
Telephone: +268 2404 3585 +268 2404 2929



Fax Number: +268 2404 4330

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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