The Political Department serves to forge, monitor and promote sound relationships between eSwatini and the rest of the world.  It also focuses on establishing and cementing relations between eSwatini and other states. The Department is mandated to monitor activities in the international arena that impact, or have the potential to impact on the Kingdom’s prospects for development.

The department is also active in the upkeep and maintenance of the Kingdoms relations on bilateral and multilateral levels. This is done through constant communication with other States on a bilateral level and also through representation in the numerous multilateral institutions that exist in the furtherance of international cooperation.

The department has several officers whose duty it is to monitor and communicate within particular regions, divided along the following lines:

  • The United Nations Desk; the officer responsible is tasked with monitoring activities under the United Nations (UN), the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as well as bilateral relations with all the Countries in the America’s and the Caribbean;
  • The Asia/ Pacific Desk; the officer is responsible for monitoring activities under the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP). The officer also maintains bilateral relations with countries in Asia and the Pacific;
  • The Africa Desk; the officer is responsible for the maintenance of multilateral relations in the African Union (AU), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA), the Economic Commission for Africa, as well as relations with the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS). This is in addition to bilateral relations with all African countries;
  • The European Desk; the officer is responsible for interactions with the European Union (EU), Eastern and Western European states and the Commonwealth. The officer also handles all bilateral relations with the European Countries; and
  • The Middle East Desk; the officer is responsible for interactions in the Arab-Africa meetings. The officer is also responsible for interactions on a bilateral level with Countries in the Middle East.

The Department's core-functions are:

  • To carry out and promote the Kingdom of eSwatini's Foreign Policy through bilateral and multilateral contact;
  • To handle all political and socio-economic matters of bilateral nature directly or through the different Missions abroad;
  • To promote the Kingdom of eSwatini 's standing and influence with other states; 
  • To act as a contact point for information on bilateral issues to the different government ministries and institutions, as well as the general public, the private sector, non-governmental organizations etc.
  • Informs and advises the Government on developments in the international and inter-governmental institutions such as the African Union, the United Nations, Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and other  regional groupings which affect the Kingdom of eSwatini's interests;
  • Informs and advises the Government on developments within other inter-governmental (European Union, MERCOSUR etc.) and non-governmental  organizations (International Committee of the Red Cross, Oxfam etc.) of  international scope which affect the Kingdom of eSwatini's interest;
  • Fulfils the Government's membership obligations to these organizations;
  • Co-ordinates and directs the implementation of the Kingdom of eSwatini policies through these organizations;
  • Provides specialized briefings on matters relating to Foreign Policy for the Kingdom of eSwatini's delegations to these organizations; and
  • Co-ordinates the process of assessing trends in international organizations of importance to the country and advises the Government on how best to articulate the country's specific needs and interests vis-à-vis those organisations.

In the pursuit of the Kingdoms activities in these various forums, regions and countries, the department prepares regular briefings in order to keep the Government informed on any happenings globally and to advise on current relations with other nations. The department also liaises with the Kingdom’s embassies in facilitating the disbursement and urgent action of incoming communication from the World at large.

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