The Ministry continues to be committed to the long term objectives to maintain, improve and establish relations through diplomatic channels with international counterparts and bodies. The Protocol department has been rigorously carrying out its duties and focusing on the development and management of sound protocol standard procedures and practices whilst advising the Government and the King’s Office on the requirements of International law; and eSwatini custom on the treatment of dignitaries of representation status and; members of the diplomatic corps resident and non-resident in the Kingdom and most particularly on State Visits, National ceremonies and every public event attended by either Their Majesties or The Head of Government. The Department of Protocol directs all State protocols, domestic and foreign.

Co-functions of the Department:

  • Facilitates and co-ordinates both domestic and international programmes of the Head of State, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and other eSwatini dignitaries;
  • Processes requests for accreditation of both eSwatini and Foreign Heads of Missions and handles ceremonies of presentation of credentials by Foreign Heads of Missions;
  • Organizes ceremonies of commissioning of eSwatini Heads of Missions;
  • Facilitates the conduct of relations between the Government and the Diplomatic and Consular Missions located in and accredited to the Kingdom of eSwatini;
  • Ensures that members of the diplomatic and consular corps understand and comply with local laws and regulations,
  • Develops and implements protocol policies and procedures in line with the Government's policies and with international practice,
  • Advises eSwatini Missions abroad on matters related to eSwatini protocol and diplomatic privileges, immunity and protection;
  • Ensures that eMaswati at posts abroad display the same standard of conduct as is expected of Foreign Missions in the Kingdom of eSwatini;
  • Co-ordinates the practical arrangements for conferences held in the Kingdom of eSwatini when required, and advises the Ministry of its conference commitments.

The Protocol Department, under the direction of the Chief of Protocol, directly advises, assists, and supports the King's Office, the Prime Minister's Office, and the Deputy Prime Minister's Office on official matters of national and international protocol, and in the planning, hosting, and officiating of related ceremonial events and activities for visiting heads of state. The Protocol Department serves as the coordinator within and between the Ministry and the King's Office on all protocol matters for Their Majesties, The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister's travel abroad.

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