The Swaziland High Commission in London is the official representative body of the Kingdom of Swaziland in the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is also accredited to the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The Swaziland High Commission in London safeguards and promotes Swaziland political and socio-economic interests in the United Kingdom and other countries of accreditation. As guided by the Swaziland foreign policy and the Swaziland National Development Strategy (NDS), the mandate of the Mission is:

  • To promote and maintain sound and effective socio-economic and political relations between Swaziland and countries of accreditation including Scotland:
  • Strengthening diplomatic ties, economic and trade relations with countries of accreditation:
  • Promote trade and foreign direct investment to Swaziland as an attractive tourist destination: facilitate education and cultural link with countries of accreditation:
  • Secure technical and development assistance through multi and bilateral relations: facilitates mobilization of external resources and enhance Swaziland’s participation in the Commonwealth organisation.
  • Lastly, the Mission is committed to continue providing services and assistance to Swazis living in the countries of accreditation, multilateral and bilateral partners, investors, tourists, charitable organisations and business people.

In addition to being an industrialised country, the United Kingdom is the financial hub of Europe and a recognised leader in the field of technology and politics. The UK is the sixth largest economy in the world with a GDP  of US2.174 billion. The UK is the number one gateway to the European market, giving it easy access to the 27 states of the European Union, the world’s largest single market. The UK is the most important trading partner for Swaziland.

The London Mission is strategically placed to continue exploiting theses elements with a view to: broaden Swaziland’s economic participation in the world economy: promoting labour intensive foreign direct investment to Swaziland: promoting tourism to Swaziland and securing market for Swaziland produced products.
The London Mission is better placed to secure technical and developmental assistance from both the UK Government and the governments of countries of accreditation to foster sustained economic growth and poverty reduction.
The London Mission is in addition accredited to
(i) the Commonwealth Organisation
(ii) the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and
(iii) International Sugar Association

As these international organisations’ offices are based in London, the Mission is better placed to attend meetings organised by these influential organisations with the sole objective of selling and defending the interests and image of the country in such organisations.
There is a large number of Swazis in diaspora in the UK. The strategic positioning of the London Mission makes it easy for the Swaziland Government through the Mission to provide the necessary services and assistance to the Swazis living in the UK and the other countries of accreditation.

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