William Pitcher College was established in September 1962 and started with fifty (50) students. Programmes offered at that time included T4 (Primary Lower) and T3 (Primary Higher). Thenenrolment in each programme was twenty five (25) students andnthe duration of the training was two (2) years. The main reason for the establishment of the college was to supply qualified teachers to the Primary Schools, since there was still a lot of emphasis on Primary School education.

After Independence the need for Secondary School education was felt which led to the expansion of existing secondary schools and establishment of new ones. In order to meet the need for Secondary School teachers, the then two (2) year Secondary

Teachers Certificate programme was started in 1970. At the sametime, the T4 and T3 programmes were revised and replaced with the two (2) year Primary Teachers Certificate programme which started in 1971. Before the college was affiliated to the Universitynof Swaziland, the graduands were certified by the Ministry of Education.

In 1975, the college started offering an In-service Home EconomicsCourse for qualified serving Primary School Teachers. This was a one year programme. As from 1986 the Primary and Secondary Teachers Certificate
programmes were phased out and replaced with three (3) year Diploma programmes; Primary and Secondary Teachers’ Diploma.

In the 1980’s the country felt a shortage of Secondary Schoolteachers due to an exodus of teachers to the Republic of South Africa, hence the need to train more Secondary School Teachers. The Primary Teachers Diploma programme was then phased out in order to increase intake for the Secondary Teachers Diploma programme. The last graduands for the Primary Teachers Diploma completed their course in November1993. Also, the one-year Home Economics Certificate course which was started in 1975 was stopped in 2004 and thereafter the college concentrated only in the Secondary Teachers Diploma programme.

The college has continued being the only institution in the country concentrating in the training of Secondary School Teachers in Education/Professional Studies, English, SiSwati, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, and Religious Education. Support subjects include Music and Physical Education. The introduction of Free Primary Education in Swaziland necessitated the re-introduction of the Primary Teachers Diploma programme in August 2009. Currently, the college runs two programmes; Primary and Secondary Teachers Diploma. The college continues to spread the light by training teachers towards the achievement of one of the millennium goals; Education For All in 2015.


To provide teachers who are well equipped with competent teaching skills to facilitate academic excellence among learners in the schools.

William Pitcher equips teacher trainees with skills to effectively teach learners in the schools under diverse social and academic challenges of the dynamic society, and inculcate the spirit of professional development.

1. To train primary and secondary pre-service teachers
2. To engage in educational research
3. To equip teacher trainees with skills to interpret and
implement the various subject syllabi.

Key Functions:

1. Training primary and secondary school teachers
2. Conducting Research
3. Periodically review subject curriculum to address prevailing
teacher training and school curriculum needs
4. Plan, coordinate, supervise and assess teacher trainees’ work/activities at the college and while in schools during teaching practice.

Services Provided
1. Staff development workshops for teachers in the schools
2. Counselling for teacher trainees

How to apply:

Application is open to all qualifying candidates from January until 31st March each calendar year. Application forms are obtainable from the college reception or through the college website. Completed application forms with relevant documents are expected to be returned to the college on or before the 31st March after payment of an application fee indicated in the application form.

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