Gwamile VOCTIM’s mission is to produce qualified and skilled individuals:

•    To cope with changes in technology and be able to cope effectively with the demand of work;

•    To understand the impact of industry on the environment ;and to develop the skills of self-employment

Central to this mission are the following goals or objectives:

•    To enable Swaziland’s public and private sector establishments to recruit skilled craftsmen and clerical workers for the labour market.

•    To provide school leavers and other young unemployed people with a systematic training at craft level with a view towards self-employment.

Gwamile VOCTIM presents you with the perfect opportunity to pursue a career or vocation in any of the following:
Commercial Studies (including Business Practice and Secretarial);
Electrical Engineering;
Mechanical Engineering (new course Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering starts in Aug 2011);
Automotive (Motor Vehicle) Engineering; (a new course in Panel Beating may run starting Jan 2012)

Wood Work (all aspects of carpentry)

Building  (a new course in plumbing started in Aug 2010)

These courses will enable you either to pursue a vocation in gainful employment within the public and private sectors of the Swazi economy or to venture into entrepreneurship.

These courses are offered in an environment that fosters and enhances high work ethics and high standards of workmanship. Gwamile VOCTIM prides itself in the quality of its graduates and in what they are capable of doing. Thus our graduates are worth more than the certificates and diplomas they are awarded. Our training environment is of high standard, and we value our workshops and equipment; and do our best in using these optimally and responsibly. We likewise do our best to ensure their maintenance-even within the constraints that we sometimes have to face.

Our craftsmen are not only skilled, but are a resource that is capable to maintain production levels, and to work their way up the ladder without losing touch of their craftsmanship.
Our message to prospective students is that those intending to follow a course in engineering, need to work hard in English, Maths and Science, among others; and that those intending to follow Commercial Studies should have done Book Keeping or Accounting in addition to English

Application Forms
Courses run in August or January of each year. Those intending to apply should find first check what courses will be run (these are advertised in the daily newspapers in February or September), and thereafter collect application forms from reception. They may also enquire from reception in February or September about what courses will be run. Please note that application forms are not released before these dates.
Entry Requirements
Obtainable from reception.

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