To be always at the forefront of Technology changes.
Mission Statement
To maintain its position as the principal institution of higher level in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Kingdom.
Dedicated at providing and facilitation high quality/excellence TVET education and training in collaboration with public and private sector.

Customer satisfaction
We believe that the customer is the reason for our existence

To enhance the development and expansion of the economy for the prosperity of the Swazi Nation within the SADC Region and globally.
Goals and Objectives
To provide a wide range of full-time and part-time programmes which meet individual career aspirations in the light of current and future requirements of business and industry in both private sector.
To be at the forefront of technological changes through research in collaboration with employers in the private and public sector
To assist in the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of opportunities for self employment.
To link and liaise with other educational and training establishments, industries locally, regionally and globally in order to utilize the country’s training efficiently and effectively.

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