Inter-Ministerial Building                  
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P.O Box 518



Telephone: +268 24042661/3
Facsimile:   +268 2404 2669
e-Mail      :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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PRINCIPAL SECRETARY:  Mr. Newman Sizwe Ntshangase   +268 2404 2661/4

UNDER SECRETARY - ADMINISTRATION:  Vacant +268 2404 2661/4




The role of the Administration section is to provide advice, services and functional guidance that will ensure effective performance and efficient management of the Ministry both at Headquarters and at Missions abroad. To achieve this goal, the section undertakes the following:


• The Administration section provides the Ministry with support services in assets, personnel, finance, registry and advises the Ministry on Administrative matters
• Deploys staff within the Ministry and Missions abroad and manages the procedures for assessing performance
• Provides the Ministry staff with the skills and attributes necessary to carry out all facets of its function
• Develops planning systems which allow for flexible responses to changing staff requirements
• Advises the Ministry on grading, job descriptions and structures
• Responsible for the training functions so as to upgrade the human resource capacity of the Ministry
• Provides financial management expertise and advisory services to the Principal Secretary
• Provides comprehensive accounting services within the Ministry and for the Missions abroad
• Monitors and controls the use of financial resources made available to the Ministry and Missions abroad
• Coordinates and participates in planning and obtaining adequate resources for the Ministry and Missions abroad to enable them to achieve the respective objectives.
• Advise on human resources policies, procedures, methods and the approach that should be adopted when dealing with personnel issues.

The Ministry is strengthening its international platform, bolstering its presence abroad and ensuring that our missions abroad are located in countries that matter most to eSwatin's interests. Reengineering is a priority to Government and the Ministry is no exception. We are empowering our workforce and have put a premium on learning, ensuring that our workforce retain the skills required to compete in today’s fast-paced world. We are also emphasising knowledge of the languages that count most in this 21st century such as French, Spanish and Portuguese.

We have made it a commitment to:
• Instil a culture of transformation across the Ministry
• Ensure transformation is a continuous and sustainable process
• Communicate with all Ministry staff about progress and how the Ministry is responding to changes
• Track and report on progress to management, employees and central agencies.

• Establishment of new missions
• Property rehabilitation in our missions abroad
• Property purchasing
• Improvement of conditions of service

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